Why Jake Gyllenhaal cried on set for the first time

Jake Gyllenhaal is no stranger to war movies. He starred in Jarhead in 2005 and Brothers in 2009.

But it’s his new role contracthis latest film about combat and friendship, transformed him as an actor.

Speaking openly to news.com.au, the Hollywood star said the heartfelt action thriller really resonated with him on a deep level and helped reset him as an actor.

“The reason I am so moved by this movie is that I have never cried in any of my previous movies, but I did at the end of this movie. I think it’s because it reminds us of who we are.” Human. We are good and our intentions are good,” he says of the film, which is set to premiere on Prime Video on June 16.

“Even if we are reluctant to do it, even if we are totally reluctant to do it, or even if we don’t want to do it, the fact is that there is a desire in you.” [do good]. It’s very, very moving for me. And that changed me. ”

In the film, co-written, produced and directed by Guy Ritchie, Gyllenhaal plays US Army Sergeant John Kinley, whose team is ambushed by the Taliban during the final expedition to Afghanistan.

Only Kinley and the local interpreter Ahmed (played by Dar Salim) survive the onslaught, but with Kinley badly injured, Ahmed decides to undertake the grueling mission alone across endless terrain to save the sergeant’s life. Be strong.

“It’s a movie about action, but it’s really a movie with less words,” says Gyllenhaal. “This is the story of a man who was there to interpret an unknown culture. We share a lot more humanity than we had or hoped for.”

“That’s what makes this story so moving to me, and what ultimately makes it a true fable. And I’d like to say that this movie is an action fable. It’s based on a true story.” It’s based on so many different true stories about the idea of ​​doing good in spite of yourself instead of being.”

The heart and message behind the story was certainly what drew Gyllenhaal to the film, and the opportunity to work with Richie was also a big draw.

“I’ve always loved Guy Ritchie. I’ve known him for about 15 years and always wanted to work with him. Gyllenhaal said, adding that the script was only 60 pages when he started shooting. Unheard of in Hollywood, he said he was fascinated by this unique filmmaking process.

“We started with a 60-page script and it evolved. To do.

“Filmmaking wasn’t just about scripting. We rewrote scenes every morning. You know, every day we were eating and going through ideas. We discovered something along the way, Then I went back and got the first one, which was different because it wasn’t really about the script, but about Guy wanting to do something different with his repertoire. So I was really excited.”

Gyllenhaal’s co-star, Iraqi-born Danish actor Dar Salim, has contributed to the film’s evolution. Dar Salim is a trained pilot and former Royal Guardsman in the Danish Army, serving as a security guard at the Royal Palace. When asked if his military background helped him on the mission, he replied humbly. contractInstead, it chose to praise Richie for everything.

“I don’t think one skill is good for one thing. Whenever I go on set, I take with me everything I’ve done in my life. And especially on a set like this: I think it’s because Guy Ritchie works differently,” Salim said.

“The script is kind of a blueprint and he creates this wonderful, very special atmosphere where he knows what he wants. It also creates a safe environment where people sit around the table eating food and bringing what you have, so all your skills, everything you bring, all your past experiences Consciously and unconsciously, it will help you in every way one way or another as you do this work.”

The Covenant will premiere on Prime Video on June 16th.

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