Mama blogger’s 20kg weight loss causes a commotion

Mummy blogger Constance Hall has denied rumors that she lost 20kg using off-label weight loss drug Ozempic.

The Western Australia-based mother of five, who has nearly 400,000 followers on Instagram, posted on Facebook asking about changes in her body: diabetes treatment. I answered the question whether I was taking the intended injection drug. It has been found to significantly suppress the user’s appetite.

“So many people have accused me of lying about my weight loss and taking Ozempic and other weight loss injections,” Hall began.

“I realized that everyone was accusing me of getting weight loss injections, not just me. These aren’t the miracle appetite suppressants that everyone thinks they are.”

Hall said she visited her GP early last year to discuss weight-loss solutions after the “business as usual” stopped working.

“I gained 20 kilos, was unhealthy mentally and physically, and felt like my bad habits were out of control. Doctors agreed I was at a dangerous weight. ‘ she explained.

“He prescribed me Saxenda, an injection that, like Ozempic, is allowed to be prescribed for weight loss. And there was no shortage of Saxenda, so I didn’t.” Using it puts diabetics at risk. ”

After five weeks, Hall became so nauseous that he was “impossible” to continue taking the medication. Feeling “depressed and hopeless,” she saw her doctor again and asked if she should consider bariatric surgery.

“But the doctor gave me a funny look and said, ‘You’re not quite there yet. Try to heal yourself.'” Instead of guessing, he said he relied on the healthy habits he’s had for 37 years, so it’s easy to get back to better habits, which gave me hope. ”

Hall eventually tried something similar to intermittent fasting, consuming “whatever she wanted” until 3 p.m., then only juices, water, and occasionally alcohol until bedtime.

“I know myself, I know how my mind works, and this works for me. There is one simple, consistent change that has worked for me. “The knowledge that you can eat anything within a set period of time helped me. Weight loss injections didn’t help,” she said.

She added that she wanted to lose weight for her mental and physical health, not to meet “unrealistic expectations of women that society always imposes.”

“I don’t feel criticized when people assume you took weight loss injections to overshadow your weight loss. I think I’m good at ‘doing it with’,” Hall said.

“It’s frustrating because I’m worried that people think this miracle injection will make them lose weight no matter who tries it. Sure, they do wonders for some people and keep them healthy.” You’ve caused damage and made important medicines unavailable to others.

“But if you’re going to give it a try, don’t be discouraged if you don’t get any response. Don’t give up on you and your health. You can’t be happy, I know this, but being healthier and feeling in control of your body is a sure start.”

in a recent interview WiredScientists who helped develop drugs like Ozempic in the 1970s warned that people would have a hard time taking it for years or more because it robs them of their enjoyment of eating.

“After a year or two of this, life becomes miserably boring, it becomes unbearable and you have to go back to your old life,” says Professor Jens Jules Horst.

“what happens [when you take Ozempic] Loss of appetite and loss of enjoyment of eating. I think you’ll have to pay the price for that. If you love food, the enjoyment is gone. ”

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